CHECK-IN - Check-in takes place from 15:00 until late at night, thanks to an innovative digital system. Furthermore, guests will receive a code during check-in with which they can leave and re-enter as they please.

CHECK-OUT - The rooms must be vacated on the day of departure by 10:30 am. Failure to comply with this rule will lead to a surcharge of the cost of the room in the amount of € 10.00 per hour up to a maximum of € 150.00. On 1 January only, check-out time is postponed to 12:30.

ANIMALS - To respect the rules of hygiene, safety and to respond to any health problems of other residents, in our B&B it is not allowed to host animals.

BREAKFAST - The breakfast service, always included in all our rates, is served between 8:00 and 9:45. It is Mediterranean and buffet style. It is possible to agree on the supply of some specific products (vegan, lactose/gluten free). We will be happy to meet your needs and preferences as much as possible. It is always forbidden to prepare and consume meals in the rooms. The use of the kitchen is also prohibited.

PARKING - We have limited parking spaces under video surveillance in front of the entrance of the structure by reservation and for a fee at the price of € 5.00 per day.

PAYMENT - The request for availability can be made by phone at +39 3386109157 or by email at info@centoquindici.com. Once the room is available, it is required to book on our site and to pay 100% of the total amount due, to be made by card, bank transfer or Satispay. The reservation will be accepted upon confirmation of payment. We remind you that our city does not provide a tourist tax in addition to the cost of the overnight stay.

SMOKING - Smoking is prohibited inside our structure. Observance of this simple rule stems from the need to protect those who do not smoke or those who will come after you, as well as a standard for fire prevention. The penalties of the law will be applied to offenders.

VARIOUS AND POSSIBLE - Guests are asked to treat with respect what is made available to them. Improper use of the equipment and any damage, as is natural, must be compensated.

CANCELLATION - If the customer decides to cancel a reservation made, he must communicate it by e-mail or telephone. In this case, the following policy is applied: in case of cancellation or changes made up to 72 hours before the date of arrival, no cost will be charged; in case of cancellation or changes made after this deadline, the full amount of the stay will be charged. Our structure is not responsible for cancellations due to force majeure (eg natural disasters, sanitary emergency, fires, wars or socio-political events).

VISITORS - For reasons of public security, guests are not allowed to allow additional guests other than those residing there to enter the structure.

CLEANING - In our structure the daily cleaning service is guaranteed. To facilitate the work of our staff and allow you to stay in a clean and pleasant environment, we ask you to vacate your room every morning by 10:30 am. After this time, cleaning will not be guaranteed. Unlike the cleaning service, bed linen are changed every 3 days and at each guest change; towels are changed every 2 days and at each guest change.

AVAILABILITY - The management guarantees 24h availability. In the evening, from 9:00 pm to 7:45 am, availability is guaranteed only for emergencies. Therefore, please limit phone calls and communications during the night.

HANDICAPPERS - Access for the handicapped is limited by the lack of adequate infrastructure: the condominium lift is not present and the bathrooms do not have technical characteristics in accordance with the use of wheelchairs.

DEPOSIT - The luggage storage offered free of charge to our guests allows you to deposit your suitcases in a safe place on the property. This service must be requested by appointment and at least 24 hours in advance.

GOOD COSTUME - It is forbidden to hang clothes or beach towels in the sun in the windows or balconies of the rooms.


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